ISHANGO MILELE Foundation is an associative structure, serving the symbolic Ishango and its values, and uniting the actions of many cultural and scientific associations, with the view of sharing knowledgeand   values globally, for peace to prevail. The aim of ISHANGO MILELE Foundation is to send strong signals, transcending the current cacophony of corruption and to highlight the many existing and on-going initiatives. To this end, ISHANGO MILELE Foundation organises events and meetings, communicating the initiatives to all the stakeholders involved in this progress, using Ishango's name in all its components. ISHANGO MILELE Foundation is the incubator of many initiatives, with several partners in France, Mali, Latvia, Greece, the USA and the DRC, and is concerned with ensuring that the attention of the authorities, the public and the stakeholders does not wane, so that the «Sharing of Knowledge for Peace» can progress indefinitely.


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The ISHANGO MILELE Foundation  is a division of SOLIDUS, a non-profit organisation and of CLANiC, the largest network of professional education providers in Belgium bringing together 120 non-profit organisations, 12 international associations,12 private and 3 public foundations.


The ISHANGO MILELE Foundation is part of SOLIDUS UNIT, an association whose goal is to put citizen's actions into motion, and help people with social and professional difficulties. SOLIDUS UNIT's philosophy is used with responsibility and purpose of equity between the worker and consumer.