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Oratorio ISHANGO

First Oratorio in African languages.


Chris Joris & Daniel Schell

With the Namur Symphonic Choir of the French Community of Belgium, conducted by Denis Menier.


An oratorio written by guitarist Daniel Schell and percussionist Chris Joris featuring African voices and percussions, a classical choir and some jazz solos.

A performance featuring music, jazz music, classical choir, dance and story telling about the jungle of Africa (also Bengal), the metaphoric animal short stories, the Ishango bone, as well as political subjects such as the child or the woman of Africa. Musical themes by Chris Joris and/or Daniel Schell.

Choir Music written by Daniel Schell on the text of various poets from Africa - Gcina Mhlophe (South Afrika, in Zulu), Chirikure Chirikure (Zimbabwe, in Shona), Titinga Pacere (Burkina Faso, in More), - and India - Lokenath Bhattacharya (Bengal, in Bengali). Features the Symphonic Choir of Namur (CCFB, 70 chorists) under the direction of Denis Menier.. The percussionist Chris Joris Ensemble with Fabrice Alleman (sax), Chris Menten (bass), Daniel Schell (tap-guitar, Megatar tm, Stick tm, electronics), Dieudonné Kabongo (jembe, story teller), Ken N'Diaye (jembe, story teller), Josephat (singer, dance, jembe).

The Oratorio Ishango was created in Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, in November 2001. Then Maison de la Culture d'Arlon, September 2003, Capitole, Ghent November 2003. Théatre St Michel, Brussels, Nov 2003. Zuiderspershuis, Antwerp, December 2003

The ISHANGO oratorio will be performed after the official presentation of the ISHANGO SCIENCE OATH during the NAFRICA Festival in Namur in June 2022.


Info coming soon.

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